The Capt. Keyo (non-profit) Safety Club for Children was formed on December 1, 1987 and is a certified registered U.S.A. I.R.S. 501-C3 not for profit organization.

The Safety Club's goals are to teach adults as well as children to become more responsible and safer people through educational, preventative and safety related printed materials and programs to help encompass a more sensitive and positive image of the police in a soft fun tone learning manner, safety messages that help to teach to children, nor preach to children that police officers are our friends, not our enemies.

The Capt. Keyo Safety Club "staff" consists of a variety of dedicated people with deep personal concern for the well being and safety of their children and yours now and in the future. The club's aim is to continue our on-going efforts to promote safety and awareness of the dangers facing adults as well as children today and how to help combat or avoid those dangers through educational and safety related programs of the club.

The Capt. Keyo (non-profit) Safety Club and its concepts have received numerous written letters of endorsements and commendations from nationwide safety organizations to our past and current Presidents of the United States of America plus many others.

Now that you know what the Capt. Keyo (non-profit) Safety Club is all about, why not join in with us and help them acheive their goal?

I am sure your participation of our Capt. Keyo Safety Club safety related printed materials will prove to be most rewarding for all in helping to protect our world's greatest natural resource, OUR CHILDREN.


Yours sincerely,

Donald C. Ricci, Executive Director
Capt. Keyo (non-profit) Safety Club for Children